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Horizontal Vertical Turning Saw Inspection Engineering

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2 Travels 20 x 18 x 16
Tessa Reflex Software

RAM Optical Instrumentation (ROI) StarLite GX Vision Machine
6 x 3 x 5 Inches XYZ Travel
0.00004" (1um) scale on the X, Y & Z axis
Accurate dimensional measurement to better than 0.0002 Inches
Magnification ranges from 34X to 176X

The StarLite GX is a measurement system designed for high accuracy with innovative full feature metrology software.
The robust design guarantees accurate results for even the most demanding metrology applications.  The high resolution color camera, superior optics and advanced software delivers the performance you have been looking for in a tabletop system.

Very small parts can be inspected such
as the this sample shown
Sample part under the vision machine's camera
Sample screen of the advanced software that is
used to perform inspections.  As you can
see, the system can make accurate measurements.
The same sample part but in a high magnification
mode.  This is useful for very small, precise
measurements as well as detecting flaws.
The ROI StarLite GX Vision Machine Station


We also offer a full line of precision gage pins, blocks and measuring test equipment all traceable to NIST.


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